5 Benefits of Serverless Computing

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Do you know serverless computing got popularized by AWS Lambda (Amazon Web Services) introduced by Amazon?

Before proceeding further to the benefits of serverless computing, let’s give a quick review of what actually it is?

What is Serverless Computing?

Serverless computing refers to the cloud computing execution model where developers build and run their applications without thinking about servers and infrastructures.

According to the definition, it provides the resources on-demand for the developer.

Point to be asked…👇

How ‘serverless’ is serverless computing?

Think about it and let me know in the comment section below.

Serverless computing has achieved much popularity since 2014. Today every leading service provider offers serverless platforms including IBM and Google.

Now, let’s find out some key benefits of serverless computing.

5 Benefits of Serverless Computing

Here are some key benefits as follow:

benefits serverless computing

1. Cost

Serverless computing is less expensive means you have to pay only for the time and resources used by you.

It will not bill you for idle time, which makes it less expensive than others.

Cost benefits include the lack of operating system installation cost, dependencies cost, maintenance cost, etc.

2. Elasticity vs Scalability

Is there anyone who wants their apps not to be great?

Of course, Nobody.

It becomes really tough to handle the traffic after it gets succeeded in the market.

But, serverless computing provides you with the easy scalability for such apps to manage their functions separately and easily.

3. Infrastructure load

Serverless computing allows the developer to give their full time to make the software efficient and useful without focusing on its infrastructure and installing loads.

Now, users do not invest their time and energy in thinking about frameworks and installation loads.

Everything can be done easily with installing with the help of serverless computing.

4. Resource

Sometimes, it becomes tough for the developer to get the required resources on time and easily.

But, serverless computing provides you with the resources in real-time and you have to pay only for used resources.

5. Error tolerance

If we haven’t serverless computing and got trap in error it becomes quite difficult to analyse the error and resolve it.

However, the serverless approach provides you with a high error tolerance due to the flexible hardware infrastructure provided by them.

Wrapping it Up!

Apart from these 5 reasons, there can be other reasons for using serverless computing.

If you have any other reason for using it, let me know and I will include it in my article.

Till then, Happy Coding!


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