C++: An Overview

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Do you know, many developers start their programming journey either with C or C++?

C++ can be a good choice for the beginner to understand the step-by-step execution of the programs.

According to Wikipedia, C++ influenced many other programming languages like C# or Java.

On this website, I tried to provide you with all the basic programs that can help you to explore your knowledge to the height.

“The more you know, the more you understand”

But, before proceeding further into programs, let’s have a look into💡:

  • What actually C++ is?
  • Why do we use C++?
  • Real-life applications.
  • And, how to download and install Turbo C++?

What is C++?

  • C++ is a general-purpose programming language.
  • It is a procedural as well as an object-oriented programming language.
  • C++ is a cross-platform language that can be used to create high-performance applications.

C++ (/ˌsiːˌplʌsˈplʌs/) programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of C programming.

C++ is the upgraded version of the C language. The idea behind this new language was to add the feature of object orientation to the C language.

Features of C++

There are several features of the C++ language such as:

  • Platform Dependent
  • Object-Oriented
  • Simple
  • Robust
  • Structured Programming Language
  • Pointers
  • Rich Library
  • Memory Management
  • Recursion
  • Mid-level Programming Language
  • Fast Speed

Applications of C++

1. Games

C++ can be used for developing simple games like tic-tac-toe, snake game etc.


2. GUI based Applications

C++ can be used to develop most of the GUI based and desktop applications as it has the required features needed for all these.

Most of the applications of the adobe systems including Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. or the Win Amp Media Player from Microsoft are developed in C++ language.


3. Database Software

C++ is also used in writing database management software.

The two most popular databases MySQL and PostgreSQL are written in this language.


4. Operating System

The fact that C++ is a strongly typed and fast programming language makes it an ideal candidate for writing operating systems also.

Operating systems like Apple OS or Microsoft Windows OS are written in C++.


5. Browser etc.

Browsers are mostly used in C++ for rendering purposes.

Rendering engines need to be faster in execution as most people do not like to wait for the web page to be loaded.


Apart from these, there are various other platforms where C++ are used.

C++ Installation

There is a various compilers that can be used as the compiler for C++.

Here, we will use Turbo C++, which can be used for both C and C++.

To save a file in Turbo C++ always save the C++ file with the .cpp extension while C programs with the .c extension.

Turbo C++

💡 Steps to download and install Turbo C++:

✔ Download Turbo C++
✔ Create turboc directory inside c drive and extract the tc3.zip inside c:\turboc
✔ Double click on the install.exe file
✔ Click on the tc application file located inside c:\TC\BIN to write the program


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