Consistency in Learning to Code⏳

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Generally, beginners say – Getting started to learn to code is quite difficult.

It may be difficult for those who are already engaged in doing a lot of works but, I say – Giving a push to learn coding is actually the easy part.

But, doing it over and over again? Now it’s difficult.

So, here comes the consistency in learning to code.

In the coding world, consistency and performance run in parallel.

Also, consistency enhances your performance.

When you enroll yourself in online courses, they provide you with weekly assignments. Right?

Why they do so? 🤷‍♂️

Just to know the student’s performance and consistency in learning, measured through progress and fluctuations carried out by students during courses.

Consistency is not only required at the time of learning, when you enter any software company as a developer, to boost up your testing or developing skill regular company training is required.

Not only in the coding world but, wherever you’ll go, consistency is needed to reach your ultimate goal🎯.



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