Google’s Most Powerful AI: Gemini

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In the enchanting realms of 2023, where cool new things happen, ChatGPT has become popular.

It’s like a star in the world of innovation, charming people with its way of chatting and making a big impression.

In this big happening, there are rumours about a shining newcomer making an entrance.

Guess what?

Google Gemini, an AI Assistant tool

Let’s go on a journey together to learn all about this cool thing in our latest blog post.

What is Gemini?

Google launched Bard earlier this year, but it looked like a weak released version compared to ChatGPT.

Gemini is a story beyond that.

Demis Hassabis, founder and CEO of Google Deepmind stated that Gemini has brought us closer to the version of AI that feels less like a smart piece of software and more like something useful and intuitive – an expert helper or assistant.

Gemini is a multimodel tool that can understand and operate on text, code, audio, images and even video.

Tech giant calls it more powerful and is now available across the world through Bard, and even through the new Google Pixel 8 Pro devices.

You might be thinking that ChatGPT also operate and understands the text then, what’s the difference?

Let’s understand what makes Gemini different.

How is Gemini Better Than ChatGPT?

In contrast, ChatGPT cannot currently work on video, at least not natively.

The new flexible AI model, which comes in three sizes – the yet-to-be-launched Ultra, Pro and Nano – is being seen as Google’s answer to ChatGPT which has been ahead in the game in GenAI.

Google claims the Ultra is the most powerful among the three versions and will be available to users soon as it undergoes safety checks.

Major Highlights:

🎯 General Understanding

Gemini Ultra: According to the report, it achieves a remarkable 90.0% in Massive Multitask Language Understanding(MMLU).

GPT-4V: Slow in comparison to Gemini Ultra, reports an 86.4%

🎯 Reasoning Abilities

Gemini Ultra: According to the report, it scores 83.6% in the big bench hard benchmark demonstrating multi-step reasoning tasks.

GPT-4V: Reports 83.1% in a similar context.

🎯 Reading Comprehension(DROP)

Gemini Ultra: According to the report, excels with an 82.1 F1 score in reading comprehension (DROP).

GPT-4V: Achieves 80.9 3-shot capability in a similar scenario.

More About Gemini!

Let’s spice things up!

What if Gemini tries to figure out the emoji and then explain it?

Awesome, Right?

Now step further, what if it also gives a tagline to emoji?

Want to see the testing of Gemini on emoji?

Visit the link below: Testing Gemini: Emoji Kitchen


Let’s hold off for a moment…

What’s your take on whether Gemini will outperform ChatGPT?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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