JavaScript vs TypeScript: Demand in 2021

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Taking Wikipedia into consideration, there are approximately 700 programming languages in the world.

Huge languages to learn, Right?

However, today we’re going to discuss the two most demanding languages i.e. JavaScript vs TypeScript as follow:🎯

  • What they are?
  • What are their features?
  • Javascript and TypeScript demand in 2021

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript abbreviated as JS is the scripting language used for frontend development.

You can simply create the JS file in the HTML file using <script> tag or by creating a file with a .js extension.

Features of JavaScript

Features that JavaScript includes:

  • Directly runs on browser
  • Dynamic web page
  • Light-weight
  • Control the flow

What is TypeScript?

A typed superset of JavaScript intentionally designed to compile the JavaScript files.

Typescript program can be written using .ts extension which got converted into .js file after compilation.

Features of TypeScript

Features that TypeScript includes are:

  • Static typed
  • Supports other JavaScript libraries
  • ECMAScript6 + additional featues
  • File compilation

JavaScript vs TypeScript in 2021

Is TypeScript more popular in 2021?πŸ€”

As of 2021 – No!

According to Stack Overflow survey report 2021, JavaScript still continues to be the most popular programming language.

You must have a question – Is JavaScript taking over the world?

Meanwhile, TypeScript is 3rd most loved scripting language according to Stack Overflow Developers report.

Why to use TypeScript?

As I said earlier TypeScript is just JavaScript with additional features used for both front-end and back-end.

Three main reasons that I found:

πŸ’‘ It becomes hard to find the case where plain Javascript works well with long code.

πŸ’‘ Due to lack of error checking and statically typed it becomes crucial for the developers to switch to typescript which gives you the freedom to not worry about bugs within code.

πŸ’‘ Even code navigation becomes hard with the long code becomes pretty annoying to go through without shortcuts and compiling.


From the learning perspective, JavaScript is a good choice just write your code within the script tag and directly run it on the browser.

Meanwhile, Typescript needs installation which becomes quite Hetrick for small code.

However, it’s easy to start the typescript and then grow slowly on it with additional features.

According to the report, typescript developers are paid high to javascript so go for it.✌


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