List of JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

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JavaScript is the world most popular language and in the coming decades, it’ll be at a high peak.

As the scope grows, it becomes extremely important to distribute the code according to its functions.

JavaScript has done this very smoothly by providing us with various libraries and frameworks, making complex tasks even easy.

If you are eager to learn about various libraries then, you came to the right place.

In this blog, I tried to provide you with a list of JavaScript libraries and frameworks contained by JS in a tabular format.

Here we go.👇

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Libraries/FrameworkTypeInitial ReleaseDeveloper(s)License
AnyChartJavaScript Library2003Anton BaranchukNot Known
D3.jsJavaScript Library2011Mike Bostock, Jason Davies, Jeffrey Heer, Vadim Ogievetsky, and communityBSD
Dojo ChartingJavaScript LibraryNot KnownDojo FoundationBSD or AFL
Google ChartsJavaScript LibraryNot KnownGoogleFree
JSChartingJavaScript Library2013Chart.js Team and contributorsProprietary
plotly.jsJavaScript Library2012Alex Johnson, Jack Parmer, Chris Parmer, Matthew SundquistMIT
Google PolymerJavaScript Library2015Google and contributors3-Clause BSD
Dojo ToolkitJavaScript Library2005Dojo FoundationModified BSD license or the Academic Free License
jQueryJavaScript Library2006The jQuery TeamMIT
MidoriJavaScript Framework2010Aycan GulezMIT License
MooToolsJavaScript Framework2006The MooTools Dev TeamMIT License
Prototype JavaScript FrameworkJavaScript Framework2005Sam Stephenson and Prototype Core TeamMIT License
Babylon.jsJavaScript Library2013David Catuhe, David Rousset and MicrosoftApache License 2.0
Chart.jsJavaScript Library2013Nick Dawnie and Chart.js teamMIT
FusionChartsJavaScript Library2003Pallav NadhaniNot Known
HighchartsJavaScript Library2009Highsoft in VikProprietary
JavaScript InfoVis ToolkitJavaScript Library2010Nicolas Garcia BelmonteMIT
p5.jsJavaScript Library2013Lauren McCarthyNot Known
Processing.jsJavaScript Library2008John ResigNot Known
RaphaëlJavaScript Library2008Dmitry BaranovskiyMIT License
RGraphJavaScript Library2008Richard Heyes and the communityMIT
SWFObjectJavaScript Library2006Geoff Stearns with Bobby van der Sluis, Aran Rhee, Kyle Simpson and Philip HutchisonMIT License
TeechartJavascript Library1995David BernedaNot Known
Three.jsJavaScript Library2010Ricardo CabelloMIT
Velocity.jsJavaScript LibraryNot KnownJulian ShapiroMIT
Verge3DJavaScript LibraryNot KnownSoft8SoftTrialware
WebixJavaScript FrameworkNot KnownXB Software Ltd.GNU General Public License, Commercial
Angular (application platform) by GoogleJavaScript Framework2016GoogleMIT License
AngularJS by GoogleJavaScript Framework2010GoogleMIT License
BootstrapJavaScript Framework2011Mark Otto, Jacob ThorntonMIT License (Apache License 2.0 prior to 3.1.0)
Ext JS by SenchaJavaScript Framework2007Jack SlocumProprietary
Foundation by ZURBJavaScript Framework2011ZURB Котак блятьMIT License
jQuery UIJavaSCript Library2007Paul Bakaus, Scott González, Jörn Zaefferer, Felix Nagel, Mike Sherov, Rafael Xavier de SouzaMIT License
jQWidgetsJavaScript Framework2011jQWidgets LtdCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License and Commercial License
OpenUI5 by SAPJavaScript Framework2013SAP SE and communityApache 2.0 License
Polymer (library) by GoogleJavaSCript Library2015Google and contributors3-Clause BSD
qooxdooJavaScript FrameworkNot KnownNot KnownLGPL, EPL
React.js by FacebookJavaSCript Library2013Jordan Walke, Facebook and communityMIT License
Vue.jsJavaScript Framework2014Evan YouMIT License
WinJSJavaScript Library2012MicrosoftApache License 2.0
SvelteJavaScript Framework2016Rich HarrisMIT License
Google Closure LibraryJavaScript Library2009GoogleApache License 2.0
JooseJavaScript Framework2009Malte UblNew BSD License
JsPHPJavaScript Library2011Kevin van ZonneveldDual license: GNU GPL or MIT
Microsoft’s Ajax libraryJavaScript Library2007MicrosoftMicrosoft Public License
MochiKitJavaScript Library2005Bob IppolitoMIT License / Academic Free License
PDF.jsJavaScript Library2011Andreas GalApache License 2.0
Socket.IOJavaScript LibraryNot KnownGuillermo RauchMIT License
Spry frameworkJavaScript Framework2008Adobe SystemsMIT
Underscore.jsJavaScript Library2009Jeremy Ashkenas, Julian GonggrijpMIT
jQuery MobileJavaScript Framework2010The jQuery TeamMIT
MustacheJavaScript Library2009MIT
JasmineJavaScript Framework2010Pivotal LabsMIT License
MochaJavaScript Framework2011MIT
QUnitJavaScript Framework2008John ResigMIT
Unit.jsJavaScript Framework2019Nicolas TallefourtaneAGPL 3
CappuccinoJavaScript Framework2018Cappuccino Core Developers and community.LGPL
Chaplin.jsJavaScript Framework2012Mathias Schäfer, Paul Miller, Ryan Leckey and Chaplin.js contributorsMIT License
EchoJavaScript FrameworkNot knownNextAppMozilla Public License
Ember.jsJavaScript Framework2011Ember Core TeamMIT License
EnyoJavaScript Framework2011LG, HP Inc. and USA TodayApache License 2.0
Express.jsJavaScript Framework2010TJ Holowaychuk, StrongLoop and othersMIT License
Ext JSJavaScript Framework2007Jack SlocumGPL license
Google Web ToolkitJavaScript Framework2006GoogleApache License 2.0
JavaScriptMVCJavaScript Framework2008Justin B. Meyer, Brian MoschelMIT License
JsRender/JsViewsJavaScript Library2018Microsoft employee Boris MooreNot Known
KnockoutJavaScript Framework2010Steve SandersonMIT
MeteorJavaScript Framework2012Meteor SoftwareMIT License
MojitoJavaScript FrameworkNot KnownRic AllinsonNot Known
MooToolsJavaScript Framework2007The MooTools Dev TeamMIT License
OpenUI5 by SAPJavaScript Framework2013SAP SE and communityApache 2.0 License
Polymer (library) by GoogleJavaScript Library2015Google and contributors3-Clause BSD
Prototype JavaScript FrameworkJavaScript Framework2005Sam StephensonMIT License
PureMVCJavaScript Framework2008Futurescale, Inc. and the PureMVC Community3-Clause BSD
SproutCoreJavaScript Framework2010Strobe Inc., Sproutit, Apple Inc. and community.MIT License
Wakanda FrameworkJavaScript Framework2012Wakanda SASCommunity / Enterprise / Cloud
BlocklyJavaScript Library2012Google, MITApache 2.0
Cannon.jsJavaScript Library2015Stefan HedmanMIT License
MathJaxJavaScript Library2009American Mathematical SocietyApache License 2.0
ModernizrJavaScript Library2009Faruk Ateş, Paul Irish, Alex Sexton, Ryan Seddon, Patrick Kettner, Stu Cox, Richard Herrera, and contributorsMIT; it was dual-licensed MIT-BSD from June 14, 2010[3] to September 15, 2012[4]
TensorFlowJavaScript Library2015Google Brain TeamApache License 2.0

Wrapping it Up!

I hope, you find it useful📑.

All the JavaScript Libraries and Framework had been listed above in the nice tabular format to the best of my knowledge.

Meanwhile, if you know more or have any queries or suggestions, feel free to comment.


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