Top 45 Python Libraries for Beginners

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We know about Python Programming that what is it and who developed it.

But what about its libraries? What actually libraries mean?🤷‍♀️

Python Libraries are a set of useful functions that eliminate the need for writing codes from scratch.

And, Python provides us various libraries (whether it’s for the game, GUI, web, numerical etc.) approximately about 137,000.

Let’s get started!👇

List of Top 45 Python Libraries

LibrariesTypeInitial ReleaseDeveloper(s)License
Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK)Natural Language Processing2001Steven Bird, Edward Loper, Ewan KleinApache 2.0
GensimInformation Retrieval2009RARE Technologies Ltd.LGPL
FlashtextPython Library2017MIT License
OpenCVComputer Vision Library2000Intel Corporation, Willow Garage, ItseezApache license
SimpleCVComputer Vision Framework2011Sight Machine IncBSD License
tkinterGUI Library1991Fredrik LundhPython license
wxPythonGUI Library1998Robin Dunn, Harri PasanenwxWindows License
PyQtGUI Library2005Riverbank ComputingGNU GPL and commercial
PygameAPI (Game Library)2000Pygame CommunityGNU Lesser General Public License
PygletAPI (Game Library)2007Alex HolknerBSD Licence
PyEngine3DAPI (Game Library)2019ubuntunux
RequestsHTTP Library2011Kenneth Reitz, Cory Benfield, Ian Stapleton Cordasco, Nate PrewittApache License 2.0
ScrapyWeb Scraping Framework2008Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub)BSD License
Beautiful SoupHTML parser library, Web scraping2004Leonard RichardsonPython Software Foundation License (Beautiful Soup 3 – an older version) MIT License
SibylWeb LibraryMIT License
ZappaServerless Web HostingApache Software License
DjangoWeb Framework2005Django Software Foundation3-clause BSD
FlaskWeb framework2010Armin RonacherBSD
NumPyNumerical Analysis1995Travis OliphantBSD
SciPyTechnical computing2001Travis Oliphant, Pearu Peterson, Eric JonesBSD-new license
SymPyComputer algebra system2007SymPy Development TeamNew BSD License
SPYDERIntegrated development environment2009Spyder project contributorsMIT
PandasTechnical computing2008Wes McKinneyNew BSD License
OrangeMachine learning, Data mining, Data visualization, Data analysis1996University of LjubljanaGPLv3
SQL AlchemyObject-relational mapping2006Michael BayerMIT License
MatplotlibPlotting2003Michael Droettboom, et al.Matplotlib License
PlotlyGraphing Library2012Alex Johnson, Jack Parmer, Chris Parmer, Matthew Sundquist
scikit-learnLibrary for machine learning2007David CournapeauNew BSD License
Imbalanced-learnMachine Learning Library2016MIT License
TheanoMachine Learning Library2007Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), University of MontrealThe 3-Clause BSD License
BokehInteractive Visualization Library
LightGBMGradient Boosting Framework2016Microsoft and LightGBM ContributorsMIT License
ELI5Machine Learning library2017MIT License
KerasNeural networks2015François CholletMIT
TensorFlowMachine Learning Library2015Google Brain TeamApache License 2.0
PyTorch2016Facebook’s AI Research lab (FAIR)BSD
TwistedEvent-driven networking2002Glyph LefkowitzMIT License
IPythonShell2001Brian E. Granger, Min Ragan-Kelley, Paul Ivanov, Thomas Kluyver, Matthias BussonnierBSD
PillowLibrary for image processing2010Alex ClarkPython Imaging Library license
KivyApplication framework2011Kivy organizationMIT
PendulumDateTime Library2016MIT License (MIT)
Python Imaging Library (PIL)Library for image processing1995Secret Labs ABPython Imaging Library license
MoviePyVideo Editing Library2013ZulkoMIT License
PySerialSerial Port Access Library2003Chris LiechtiBSD License (BSD)

Wrapping it Up!

I hope, you find it informative!

Putting all the Python libraries names was quite difficult. So, I tried to sum up the top 45 Python libraries in a nice tabular format with their initial release date, license and developer(s) name.



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