What is the Purpose of Software

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Whenever you engage in any work, it’s better when you’ve got the purpose for doing it.

It’s good to have a crystal clear purpose of doing that activity like what and why am I doing this?

Similarly, when it comes to software same question arises in mind.

What is the purpose of software?🤔

We have MS Word for writing text, a Search Engine to browse the web or high-tech robots to perform heavy activities and many more.

So, when I sum up all the examples, I found that

There’s a single purpose of all software – ‘to help people’.

‘Help’ means to make it easier for the people to do something i.e. to do the tasks for people.

Is it only to help people? then – Yes!

Software is never there to help other matters, i.e. software isn’t built to help computers to work fast or efficiently.

It always exists to help people, even if you’re writing libraries you’re writing to help programmers, not computers.

Some people say that software is built to make money. Is it right?

When I thought deeply about this, I found that NO!, the purpose of the software is not to make money or to show how intelligent am I.

Maybe that can be your personal purpose or the purpose of your organisation but not the purpose of the software itself.


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