What was the First Programming Language?

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In the fascinating realm of computer science, where imagination meets innovation.

Have you ever thought about “what was the first programming language, who and how was it developed?”

Are you curious to know about it? Let’s find it out.

The first programming language is often considered to be “Assembly Language.”

As I explored deeper into my research, I discovered that Assembly Language indeed held a low-level status.

However, this revelation prompted a burning question: What might be the very first high-level programming language to grace the world of computers?

According to Wikipedia, Konrad Zuse came up with a high-level programming language called “Plankalkül” for his Z1 computer between 1942 and 1945. Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually put into action at that time.

The first high-level programming language is generally attributed to FORTRAN.

FORTRAN: The First Programming Language

FORTRAN (short for “FORmula TRANslation”) was developed in the 1950s by IBM and was designed for scientific and engineering calculations.

Designed byJohn Backus
DeveloperJohn Backus and IBM

It has been in use for over seven decades in computationally intensive areas for different purposes.

You can say that Fortran’s design was the basic for many other programming languages.

Fortran was first used as formula translation but with time it also evolved through various versions and changes.


FORTRAN was the first programming language and if you want to know more about its origin and evolution, visit the link: FORTRAN (Wikipedia)

How fast the innovation is going on. Just 7 decades ago, we had only Fortran but, now have a vast number of programming languages.

How many programming languages are there?

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