Do You Need Coding for Data Analytics?

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If you want to pursue a career in data analytics and don’t know how much coding is required or where to start then, this article might be helpful for you.

Let’s try to understand what actually the Data Analyst do.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

Surprisingly, a significant number of businesses are unsure how to leverage the abundance of data they collect effectively.

Suppose, if someone will able to fetch all the details like how many customers clicked the site or how much traffic was there this month.

For sure, if they know they can do better in their business.

The primary role of a data analyst is to assist organizations and senior-level stakeholders in making well-informed decisions by leveraging data.

However, before data can be effectively utilized, it must undergo a series of advanced processes, including cleaning, management, manipulation, and analysis.

And for doing the above tasks data analysts are hired.

Does Data Analytics Require Coding?

Yes, for sure!

But, I will not say that to start a career in data analytics you will require advanced programming skills.

There are lots of programming languages out there, however, if you decided to set a career in analytics, I would recommend you two skills to start with:

  • Python or R (a programming language)
  • SQL (a query language).

Depending on the industry’s need, maybe you require some advanced concepts or other language but, primarily Python and SQL will help you dive into it.

How Much Coding is Required for Data Analytics?

As I said above, it depends on the job role and type of designation you want to be in.

Going beyond Python or SQL will help you to boost your career and also to negotiate with companies.

It’s a simple concept if you are able to perform more tasks like analysis, visualisation, reporting and all then, the company will surely prefer you rather than a person with only analysis knowledge.


I think I made it clear that- YES! coding is required for data analytics.

So, You don’t need to get a degree in mathematics or statistics to become a Data Analyst. Instead, you can learn Python, R, SQL, and other tools.

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