Simplicity in Coding Software (Code Simplicity)

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Being a developer, designing software is not a big deal.

Just you have to build some pseudocodes and applying them to any specific programming language. Right?

No, it’s not too easy.

Designing software is not a big achievement, but designing software with the rules of code simplicity is a big accomplishment.

Let’s understand the simplicity in coding software.

What is Code Simplicity?👨‍💻

Let’s assume that you had coded software and after few years, now it needs some improvements according to new situations and requirements.

But, due to lack of code simplicity in your program, even you i.e. the developer, isn’t able to understand the code that was coded years back.

It means,👇

Code Simplicity is the way by which you can make your code more reliable and long-lasting by making it simpler so that you or even others can easily understand and change things in the future.

The most important thing we can do is to reduce the effort of maintenance.

Just look at the code, see if it is complex, make it simple for ourselves right now, you have to spend little time doing the simplification now to save a lot of time later.

Now, the question arises – How to make it simple?

How Simple Do You Have To Be?

Relative to our goal and other programmers, code must be as simple that others can easily understand it by just looking at the code by itself.

There’s a lot of ways to simplify the code but here I would like to discuss the main four ways as follows:

1.Be Consistent

Might we all are aware of the flowchart, it tells us – how important consistency is?

It means that your program should work in a consistent way internally. A programmer who is familiar with how to use one part of your code should get immediately familiar with how to use another part of your code by just looking at the codes.

2. Readability

Readability can be another way to simplify your code.

The readability of a code can be judge by the space occupied by the symbols and letters used in your code.

There’s no specific rule on how code should be spaced, the only matters are how consistent and to the point it is.

3. Naming things

Naming things indicates that when you create a function or variable name, it should match the work you’ve created for.

The names should be good enough to fully communicate what something is or does, without being so complicated that it becomes hard to read or understand.


Sometimes, we forget that what is this line is about? So, it’s easy to write the comment, explaining what does it says?

So, in case, if you are not available your other group member can easily access it without any wastage of time.

Wrapping it up!👀

Simplicity plays important role in coding software.

We learned that code exhibits simplicity when it is well organised and prepared with logic and easily readable to others.

Even when you go for an interview, the interviewer judges you on the basics of the coding pattern that you exhibits.

Be consistent and simple while coding!


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