Why Do We Still Need More Software?

You’ll find a student working on a laptop or a kid playing on their videogames or parent’s smartphone.

What does it indicates?🤔

Simply, everywhere you turn, you’ll find yourself surrounded by these tech tools.

In 2021, after the pandemic, the need of technology and software are on high demand.

But that’s not a question, by now there’s many great developments in tech industries. Right?

Although, Why do we still need more software?🙄 Whenever I think about this, one more question strikes my mind – Don’t we have enough apps by now?

Don’t We Have Enough Apps By Now?

Taking a glance at software industries, a common person wonders why there are still so many projects going on? Do we really need this?

We have apps for about everything you can dream up of, either for writing text, searching map, traffic control device or security systems.

Google itself provides us with so many software applications above the common man imagination like Google map, Google spreadsheet, Google lens, and many more.

Yet, even with all the web composability, Somehow, Yes! we don’t have enough apps by now.

Let’s find out the reason for it – Why?

Reasons for New Software Needs

Technology continues to emerge at a much faster pace than human imagination. We even have a collection of different software as per the requirement. However, new demands and opportunities are taking it to infinity.

So, there can be many reasons why we need new applications everyday.

🚀We need more software because we are on the way to quantum computing i.e. Despite binary 0 and 1, it’ll work on qubits.

🚀Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can also be one reason for it. New software apps are built to take the advantage of AI and ML.

🚀We need it because the user simply asks for it. They want new core functions, connections to new types of devices, additional analytics or better visualization technology.

🚀We are now engaged in developing more real-time applications which can work more with real-time data.

🚀We need software because we are not done with it. We want to create more innovations to help the people.

Wrapping it up!

With the growth of technology, the need for software is also increasing.

As I said earlier “there a single purpose to all software” and to accomplish the basic purpose of the software, innovations will go on and consequently software need.

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