C++ Program to Display Single Dimensional Array

In this tutorial, we will learn about the single-dimensional array in C++ i.e. how to input and print the one-dimensional array using C++.

But, before that it’s important to know that what actually array is? and what is its syntax?

Quick Info:💡

↪ An array is a collection of values of similar data types arranged at contiguous memory locations and can be accessed using indices.

↪ Array is of two types:

  • Single-dimensional array
  • Multidimensional array

Points to be remembered: In array, indexing always starts from the zero(0).

Program to Display Single Dimensional Array


datatype nameofarray[size];
  • datatype– It is a datatype of the value that is stored in the array.
  • nameofarray– It is a name of the array.
  • size– It is the number of elements that can stored in array.


void main()
int i, arr[4];
cout<<"Enter the elements of array below:"<<endl;
cout<<"Enter the element of arr["<<i<<"]:";
cout<<"Element in arr["<<i<<"] is:"<<arr[i]<<endl;;
Enter the elements of array below:
Enter the element of arr[0]:23
Enter the element of arr[1]:45
Enter the element of arr[2]:76
Enter the element of arr[3]:90
Enter the element of arr[4]:70
Element in arr[0] is:23
Element in arr[1] is:45
Element in arr[2] is:76
Element in arr[3] is:90
Element in arr[4] is:70
Single dimensional array


Flow of a program:

Single Dimensional array working

Wrapping Up:

Well, I hope it really helped you to know the C++ better.

Attention reader⚠ Don’t stop learning now.

Like single dimensional array, multidimensional array is also an important part of array.

Just stay with us to get more such exciting codes to explore more in C++.

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