C++ Program to Demonstrate the Arithmetic Operators

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In this tutorial, we will learn about the Arithmetic Operator i.e. how to demonstrate the Arithmetic Operators using C++

So, here’s some quick information related to the program which can help you to know better, i.e. What actually it says?

Quick Info:💡

↪ Arithmetic Operator is a binary operator used to perform tasks on the operands.

↪The basic arithmetic operators include :

  • Addition (+)
  • Subtraction (-)
  • Multiplication (*)
  • Division (/)
  • Modulus (%)

↪ Steps to perform the above task:

  • First, Input the value of the operands.
  • Second, Use the different arithmetic operators to demonstrate it.
  • Third, Display the result on the output screen.

It can be done using different ways:

  • Using a Simple Method
  • Using a Class
  • Using a Function

Program to Demonstrate the Arithmetic Operators Using Simple Method

Here’s a simple method that demonstrates the Arithmetic operations.


void main()
int a,b;
cout<<"Enter the value of a:";
cout<<"Enter the value of b:";
int sum=a+b;
cout<<"Addition is:="<<sum<<endl;
int sub=a-b;
cout<<"Subtraction is:="<<sub<<endl;
int mul=a*b;
cout<<"Multiplication is:="<<mul<<endl;
int div=a/b;
cout<<"Division is:="<<div<<endl;
int mod=a%b;
cout<<"Modulus is:="<<mod<<endl;
Enter the value of a:10
Enter the value of b:5
Addition is:=15
Subtraction is:=5
Multiplication is:=50
Division is:=2
Modulus is:=0
Arithmetic operator simple


Flow of a program:

Arithmetic operator working

Program to Demonstrate the Arithmetic Operators Using Class

A class is a user-defined data type which makes C++ an object-oriented language.

We create a class with two functions getdata and arithmetic_op. Function getdata is used to get two integers from a user, and function arithmetic_op operates and displays the result.

So, here I will show you, how to demonstrate the arithmetic operators using class.


class arithmetic
int a, b;
void getdata()
cout<<"Enter the value of a:=";
cout<<"Enter the value of b:=";
void arithmetic_op()
cout<<"Sum is:="<<(a+b)<<endl;
cout<<"Difference is:="<<(a-b)<<endl;
cout<<"Multiplication is:="<<(a*b)<<endl;
cout<<"Division is:="<<(a/b)<<endl;
cout<<"Modulus is:="<<(a%b)<<endl;
void main()
arithmetic obj;
Enter the value of a:20
Enter the value of b:5
Sum is:=25
Subtraction is:=15
Multiplication is:=100
Division is:=4
Modulus is:=0
Arithemetic operator class


Arithemetic operator class working

Program to Demonstrate the Arithmetic Operators Using Function

A function is a group of statements which perform a specific task.

Actually, it is a self-contained block of statements which performs its task when get executed.

For operations, first create functions for different arithmetic operations and pass the arguments for two integers.


int add(int a, int b){
cout<<"Addition is: ";
return (a+b);
int sub(int a, int b){
cout<<"Subtraction is: ";
return (a-b);
int mul(int a, int b){
cout<<"Multiplication is: ";
return (a*b);
int div(int a, int b){
cout<<"Division is: ";
return (a/b);
int mod(int a, int b){
cout<<"Modulus is: ";
return (a%b);
void main()
int first_no,second_no;
cout<<"Enter the first number:";
cout<<"Enter the second number:";
cout<<add(first_no, second_no)<<endl;
cout<<sub(first_no, second_no)<<endl;
cout<<mul(first_no, second_no)<<endl;
cout<<div(first_no, second_no)<<endl;
cout<<mod(first_no, second_no)<<endl;
Enter the first number:30
Enter the second number:5
Addition is:=35
Subtraction is:=25
Multiplication is:=150
Division is:=6
Modulus is:=0
Arithmetic operator using function


Flow of a program:

Arithmetic operator working function

Wrapping Up:

From the above examples, we understood that there are several ways to write a single program using different ways.

Sounds Interesting! Right?

Well, I hope it really helped you to know C++ better.

And, if you liked this stay with us to get more such exciting codes to explore more in C++.


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